Saturday, November 29, 2008

The big picture

Yacub'un mektubu 4:8,9

Siz de sabredin. Yürekleriniz güçlendiren. Çünkü Rab'bın gelişi yakındır. Kardeşler, yargılanmamak için birbirinize karşı homurdanmayın. İşte, yargiç kapının önünde duruyor.

Be patient. Strengthen your hearts. For the Lord's coming is near. Brothers, don't judge one another, grumble against (one another). Watch out, the judge stands at the door.

Given the time when this letter was written, in the era leading up to the catastrophic destruction of Israel, the message is pretty clear. When major disaster is at the door, our petty nattering at each other is ludicrous. As the Russian Orthodox prelates discovered too late, and to their sorrow, the color of liturgical vestaments was not the most pressing issue on the agenda in 1917.

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