Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Matt. 13 -- a man goes out to sow [0]

In this chapter, we have a number of parables that illustrate the nature of the Kingdom Jesus preached. The Master begins by comparing the Kingdom to a farmer, scattering his grain across the field. The seed is all good, but "actual mileage may vary," depending on the quality of the soil.

The sentence that impressed me this morning with its ominous clarity is as follows:
Mat 13:11 İsa şöyle yanıtladı: "Göklerin Egemenliği'nin sırlarını bilme ayrıcalığı size verildi, ama onlara verilmedi. Mat 13:12 Çünkü kimde varsa, ona daha çok verilecek, bolluğa kavuşturulacak. Ama kimde yoksa, elindeki de alınacak.
The fact that the disciples were hanging around with Jesus meant that they were, at least at that point, "good soil." They were eager to absorb and apply His teachings. Since they adhered to the King, they received His Kingdom. They were under the canopy of His jurisdiction, His protection, He authority. Let's look at a few words from vs. 12:
  • Çünkü -- Because
  • kimde -- whoever with whom
  • varsa, -- stuff is,
  • ona -- to him or her (the Turkish 3rd person pronoun is gender-neutral)
  • daha -- more
  • çok -- very much
  • verilecek -- will be given
  • Ama kimde yoksa, -- But / whoever with whom / stuff is not
  • elindeki de alınacak -- that which is in his hand
  • alınacak -- shall be taken away.
The English idiomatic expression "on a roll" indicates a condition of ongoing achievement, continuing good fortune. Those who respond to the continuing challenge of living to please the invisible, but very present King are on far safer ground than those who are willing to settle for the status quo. If you are coasting, and no longer paying attention to the goals or person of the King, then you are on thin ice. And might suddenly wake up to realize that even something you were sure of is gone.


[0] The word sow that rhymes with so or sew means to scatter seed. It can also be used metaphorically to describe a troublemaker as one who "sows discord." The word sow that rhymes with how is a female pig or bear.

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