Sunday, October 25, 2009

An insight in a shower ( Phil. 4 )

During a day of trials, I stepped into the shower crying out to my God, "How am I to serve you?" A two-word answer popped into my mind -- "With joy!" and a verse from the Law of Moses, Deut. 28:54 -- those who refuse to serve God with joy for the abundance of everything are welcome to try serving other masters in the paucity of everything. (I paraphrase, here)

Paul had a similar admonition for the Philippians:

    Php 4:4 Rab'de her zaman sevinin; yine söylüyorum, sevinin! 
Let's enjoy the words!
  • Rab'de -- in the Lord
  • her -- all, every 
  • zaman -- time
  • sevinin -- rejoice! (imperative mood)

And there is a reason why a note of exuberant joy should surround our lives:

    Php 4:13 Beni güçlendirenin aracılığıyla her şeyi yapabilirim. 

The words!

  • Beni -- to me 
  • güçlendirenin -- the One who makes strong 
  • aracılığıyla --  by means of
  • her şeyi --  every things, all things
  • yapabilirim -- I am able to do.
These words are as true today as they were when Paul wrote them. We are like folks who worry about pennies, when incredible wealth in in our hands. This is definitely a perspective that can help job seekers in uncertain times.

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dori said...

I like this! Serving God in everything is a big and difficult concept to grasp, though. I find it much easier to segment my life into "service" areas and "career" or "family" areas.