Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Acts 2, July 20, Tisha B'Av

Today, observant Jews around the world commemorate the destruction of their two temples on this date, the Ninth of Av. Solomon's temple temple fell beneath the heels of the Babylonians about 2,500 years ago, and Herod's temple fell nearly 2,000 years ago. It's traumatic when the heart of your religious identity and practices is violently desecrated. "That's a hard thing to bounce back from." Every time a Jewish couple marry, the groom breaks a goblet underfoot, as yet another reminder that something bad went down.

I wish these dear people would get the point, and get with the program. I mean, their greatest Prophet, the Lord Jesus Christ, told them ahead of time that their clock was running out.[1] Soon after our Lord's resurrection, Peter explained again what had happened:
Act 2:31 Geleceği görerek Mesih'in ölümden dirilişine ilişkin şunları söyledi: 'O, ölüler diyarına terk edilmedi, bedeni çürümedi.'
Act 2:32 Tanrı, İsa'yı ölümden diriltti ve biz hepimiz bunun tanıklarıyız.
Act 2:33 O, Tanrı'nın sağına yüceltilmiş, vaat edilen Kutsal Ruh'u Baba'dan almış ve şimdi gördüğünüz ve işittiğiniz gibi, bu Ruh'u üzerimize dökmüştür.
Act 2:34,35 Davut, kendisi göklere çıkmadığı halde şöyle der: 'Rab Rabbim'e dedi ki, Ben düşmanlarını Ayaklarının altına serinceye dek, Sağımda otur.'
Act 2:36 "Böylelikle bütün İsrail halkı şunu kesinlikle bilsin: Tanrı, sizin çarmıha gerdiğiniz İsa'yı hem Rab hem Mesih yapmıştır."
Let's unpack one chunk of this message, a quotation from Psalm 110. It's obviously an important point, since this is the Old Testament chapter that is most frequently quoted from, or referred to, in the New Testament.
'Rab Rabbim'e dedi ki, Ben düşmanlarını Ayaklarının altına serinceye dek, Sağımda otur.'
The Lord / to my Lord / said / this, / I / your enemies / your feet / below / placed / until, / by My side / sit.

The people of Israel crucified the Lord of life -- who disagreed with their verdict so passionately that He overturned it by rising from the dead. Jesus was right. The Jews were wrong. And still are, til this day.

So, they do well to mourn the loss of their temple, and to ponder the reasons thereof. May God grant that, as time moves on, an ever-growing number of the Jewish people will find in the Messiah they spurned the true Sacrifice, and the ultimate Temple.


[1] "Running out the clock" is an idiom from American sports. When a game is nearly over, the team that holds the lead sometimes slows down the pace of play, seeks to control the game, and simply prevent the other team from scoring any points.

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