Thursday, July 22, 2010

Acts 3 -- resourceful people

The best tasks seem humanly impossible, shortly before they are accomplished. I am wondering, for example, how to finish my dissertation within the next few weeks, when time, energy, and focus all seem to be in short supply. Yet, time and again in the Bible, we read of supernatural resourcefulness in the face of apparent lack. For example, when Peter and John encountered a beggar at the door of the temple:
Act 3:4 Petrus'la Yuhanna ona dikkatle baktılar. Sonra Petrus, "Bize bak" dedi.
Act 3:5 Adam, onlardan bir şey alacağını umarak gözlerini onların üzerine dikti.
Act 3:6 Petrus, "Bende altın ve gümüş yok, ama bende olanı sana veriyorum" dedi. "Nasıralı İsa Mesih'in adıyla, yürü!"
Peter with / John / at him / carefully / looked. / Afterward / Peter / "To us / look" / said.

The guy looks at them, hoping to get something.

Peter, "On me / silver / and / gold / there is not (amazing how much mileage you can get out of that three-letter word yok!) / but / on me / that which I have / to you / I give," / he said.

And a miracle happened. The power found in the name of the Nazarene, Jesus, enabled a life-long cripple to leap up and walk. That same power makes us equal to our assigned tasks and opportunities today.

Believing Christians who home-school their kids for a few hundred dollars per year achieve better results than secular schools that pour more than $10,000 / year into each child.

Jesus makes a difference. Scrupulously screen him out of a project, and you get the results America is experiencing. Honor Him from day one, and the world will marvel.

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