Saturday, July 3, 2010

John 18 -- in broad daylight

I'm a big fan of open-source software. For example, anyone who wants to can download the source code for Linux, and adapt it to his unique situation. The deal, of course, is -- you let other members of the community profit from your work. IBM is a major fan of open source software, and invests, I believe, somewhere north of $250M / year in these kinds of projects. The word has gone out to IBM staff -- use Mozilla Firefox, the open source alternative to Microsoft's proprietary Internet Explorer.

In the open source universe, volunteer coders, testers, and documenters keep the momentum going for continuous improvement. You have fewer concealed flaws popping up later -- "given sufficient eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." If enough people are working on a program, flaws in logic and design are easier to find.

One of the more appealing aspects of Christianity is its open-source convictions. True, every now and then you'll get a Dan Brown trying to beat an old dead horse, and claiming to disclose a secret core to public Christianity, something known only to a relative handful of initiates. Many of the later gnostic "gospels" contained little history, little narrative -- just a collection of saying Jesus allegedly passed on to his inner core of intimates. Freemasonry attracts adherents with its pageantry and ritualism, true. But the main drawing card is the sense of participating in a secret, a select brotherhood with a non-public agenda.

Yet, what did Jesus say, when on trial for his life?
Joh 18:20 İsa onu şöyle yanıtladı: "Ben söylediklerimi dünyaya açıkça söyledim. Her zaman bütün Yahudiler'in toplandıkları havralarda ve tapınakta öğrettim. Gizli hiçbir şey söylemedim.
Joh 18:21 Beni neden sorguya çekiyorsun? Konuştuklarımı işitenlerden sor. Onlar ne söylediğimi biliyorlar."
Gizli hiçbir şey söylemedim. In secret / not one / thing / I never said.

The Latin translation (in occulto locutus sum nihil) has one easily-recognized word, the root of the English word "occult."

Or, in the words Jesus Himself used, ἐν κρυπτῷ ἐλάλησα οὐδέν. κρυπτῷ , of course, is the root of our word "cryptic."

Those who love Jesus are the children of the day, living openly and joyfully in terms of insights they are glad to share. 2B1 ask 1.

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