Monday, December 29, 2008

The beatings will continue (Esinleme 9)

The drug-addled hippies had a folk remedy for a bad LSD ("acid") trip -- take another dose, of ten times as much. A standard definition of insanity is, to continue repeating behaviors that have failed to achieve the desired goal. Or, as a management joke goes, "The beatings will continue until morale improves."
Geriye kalan insanlar, yani bu belalardan ölmemiş olanlar, kendi elleriyle yaptıkları putlardan dönüp tövbe etmediler.
And now, a few words!
  • geri -- back, remainder
  • kalan -- remaining, remainder
  • insan -- man, mankind
The original readers of this book watched, stunned, as the people around them kept on doing the same stupid things that had brought their disasters upon them in the first place. The "remaining remainder of the men" continued to worship their blind, deaf, and useless idols. But are we that much smarter? The dominant idol of our age is "The Government." Government programs try to "help" poor families by making the men unnecessary -- and bastardy skyrockets. In some targeted populations, fewer than 20% of the children grow up at home with their fathers. Government "education" produces an ever-growing crop of people who either can't read, or don't like to read. This development produced A Nation At Risk, the title of report produced by a committee of "experts" three decades ago. The solution, these "experts" said, was to entrust more power and money to the same clowns who had created the problem!

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