Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Now is come (Bölüm 12)

Ergun Caner, a prominent Baptist writer and professor, lamented a side-effect of the printing press. People no longer felt compelled to memorize the Bible. Muslims know the value of committed sacred text to memory. Throughout the world, pious children spend hours absorbing the Arabic Koran. It does a man good to have noble words ready to reflect upon at any idle hour, or when suffering insomnia. At some point, I really do need to see to it that my girls memorize the Sermon on the Mount, for example.

Today's chapter includes a jubilant hymn of victory that I often recite to myself for comfort and encouragement. Let's see what the first part looks like in Türkçe.
Bundan sonra gökte yüksek bir sesin şöyle dediğini duydum __
Tanrımızın kurtarşı, güçü, egemenliği ve Mesihinin yetkisi şimdi gerçekleşti.
Çünkü kardeşlerimizin suçlayıcısı, onları Tanrımızın önünde gece gündüz suçlayan,
aşağı atıldı.
And now, a brief word list:
  • kurtarma -- salvation, rescue, recovery
  • güç -- power
  • egemenlik -- kingdom
  • yetki -- authority, jurisdiction
  • gerçek -- true, real, actual, fact, realilty, truth
  • gerçeklmek -- become true, be realized
It's interesting the way different languages use different word orders. In English and Greek, the emphasis is strongly asserted by the way the hymn begins. "Now is come ..." "Arti egeneto ..."and then, the laundry-list of amazing blessings released into humanity's experience by the achievements of our God and His Christ. The Turkish translation I'm using begins with the list, then puts the verb where it belongs (if you are a Turk) at the end of the sentence -- all of these things "now are realized."

In the Book of Job, we see Satan having ready access to God's Throne, where he accuses the man. In the gospels, after our Lord's emissaries return from a successful evangelistic tour, Jesus exults greatly and says, "I saw Satan falling as lightening from heaven." Here, the heavens shout for joy because Satan's access to the higher protocol levels has been canceled.

And when did Satan get the boot? When did God establish His salvation, power, and Kingdom? When is the "now?" of this verse?

Your answer will have a lot to do with how much you enjoy victory in this life.

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