Monday, December 15, 2008

Yahunna'nın ikinci mektubu -- "A man has got to know his limits."

Haddini aşıp Mesih'in öğretisine bağlı, kalmayan hiç kimsede Tanrı yoktuk. Bu öğretiye bağlı, kalanda ise hem Baba, hem de Oğul vardır.
And now, the word list:
  • had -- limit, boundary
  • haddini aşmak -- to go too far
  • haddini bilmek -- to know one's place
  • haddini bilmez -- presumptuous
  • haddinden fazla -- excessive
  • haddi zatında -- in itself, essential
John warned a sister church in this letter to watch out for vagabond contaminators, wandering preachers who denied the core distinctive of the Christian faith: that God was present in Jesus of Nazareth, the anticipated messiah.

I guess these people could spin entertaining stories. And we are all suckers for entertainment. The problem was, they went beyond the facts, to preach as facts the constructs of their imaginations. Leaving something rather important out.

Anybody who's followed the "Lakeland outpouring" knows that this temptatioin is still with us.

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