Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Are you invited?

In many of his parables, Jesus compared the Kingdom of Heaven to a party. A metaphor used frequently in the New Testament for the Church is -- the Bride of Christ. As a collective entity, we are bound in strong ties of covenantal affection to the One who died for us and redeemed us with His own blood. Another metaphor used for the connection between Christ and His people is -- as close as if He were the head, and we were the rest of the body.

The Gospel is an invitation to come to the party, come into fellowship with God and with His people, feast on His provision, rejoice in His presence. In this chapter, we see the invitation extended yet again:
Melek bana, "şunu yaz" dedi. "Ne mutlu Kuzu'nun döğün şölenine çağrılmış olanlara!" Ve şunu ekledi "Bunlar gerçek sözlerdir, Tanrı'nın sözleridir."
And, a few words for today:
  • mutlu -- blessed. Ne mutlu -- how blessed!
  • döğün -- wedding feast.
  • gerçek -- truth, truth, fact, actual.
Come on in! Check out the place settings -- your name may very well be on one! The universe rings and echoes with the joy of the occasion: men and God at table are sat down. Fellowship is restored and celebrated. It's great now, and the best is yet to come!

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