Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Liberating servitude (Mat. 11:28-30)

Ivan Illych once said, "The gospel is like a joke told to a circle of men. And one man smiles." Every public figure fears "losing the audience." You give it your best shot, and the joke falls flat. The listeners miss the point. Instead of laughter or applause, you hear that latest cliche for disconnect -- the sound of crickets.

After the twelve disciples came back from their preaching tour throughout Israel, Jesus rejoiced greatly in His spirit. Even though the "chattering classes" of first century Israel failed to get the point, people were responding. Demons were fleeing. The Good News was transforming lives. And it is good news:
Ey bütün yorgunlar ve yükü ağır olanlar! Bana gelin, ben size huzur veririm. Ben yumuşak huylu ve alçakgönüllüyüm. Boyunduruğuma girin ve benden öğrenin, böylece canlarınız huzur bulur. Boyunduruğum kolay taşınır, vereceğım yük de hafiftir.
Let's look at today's words:
  • boyun -- neck
  • boyunduruğum -- yoke, bondage
  • huzur -- peace of mind, comfort
  • yük -- burden, load, cargo
  • kolay -- easy
  • hafif -- light
Some deaf tourists were visiting an art museum. They became excited while viewing Salvador Dali's surrealistic The Sacrament of the Last Supper. To those with eyes to see, the Savior says (in sign language) "Come unto me."

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