Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello, again. Bölüm 15

Gökte büyük ve şaşılacak başka bir belirti gördüm. Bu, son yedi belayı taşıyan yedi melekti. Tanrı'nın öfkesi bu belalara son buluyordu.
John sees another great sign in the heavens, something else his readers need to get a grip on in order to make it safely through the events that were about to happen. Let's look at a few words:
  • gök -- heaven. Gökte -- in heaven.
  • son -- end. Final. Last.
  • son bulmak -- to find an end. to be complete.
Seven angels appear, holding seven phials or cups, which contained the seven plagues that would exhaust the wrath of God upon His earthly enemies. These plagues tended to symbolically echo the plagues Moses unleashed upon Egypt, as well as indicate what the Jewish nation had to look forward to. For example, hailstones of a talent's weight (about 40 kilograms). Roman catapults hurled limestone rocks about that size into rebellious Jerusalem. The people inside, in desperate blasphemy would shout, "Here comes the Son!" They recognized God's condign judgement when it fell upon them.

Take note, though, of who the agents of this wrath are. Folks we've met in chapters 2 and 3. The seven leaders of the seven churches.

We underestimate the power of corporate prayer, and the authority God has given us to bring rebellious nations to heel.

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