Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hunker down and sit tight ... (I Cor. 7)

Speaking both as an astute cosmopolitan observer who traveled through much of the Roman empire, and as an inspired prophet of God, Paul had some advice for his readers. He could see that both the Roman and Jewish worlds were self-destructing, and on a collision course with each other. Social unrest was about to erupt on an unprecedented scale. This is, he told his contemporaries, a very good time to brace yourself, protect what you have, an not make dramatic career moves.
1Co 7:20 Herkes ne durumda çağrıldıysa, o durumda kalsın.
1Co 7:21 Köleyken mi çağrıldın, üzülme. Ama özgür olabilirsen, fırsatı kaçırma!
1Co 7:22 Çünkü Rab'bin çağrısını aldığı zaman köle olan kimse, şimdi Rab'bin özgürüdür. Özgürken çağrılan kişi de Mesih'in kölesidir.
1Co 7:23 Bir bedel karşılığı satın alındınız, insanlara köle olmayın.
1Co 7:24 Kardeşler, herkes ne durumda çağrıldıysa, Tanrı önünde o durumda kalsın.
Let's look at a few words:
  • üzmek -- trouble, bother, sadden, worry
  • üzülmek -- to regret, be sorry, be worried
  • üzülme -- do NOT regret, be sorry, or worry! (2nd person imperative)
  • özgür -- free. A popular male name in Turkey.
  • köle -- slave
  • durum -- condition, state
  • durumda -- in the condition, state
There are times when it is wise to aggressively seek to improve your status. Then, there are times to mark time, refuse to worry, and save your resources for a better opportunity. In the current American political climate, for example, many small businessmen are "going Galt." They are curbing growth plans, perhaps even laying off people, and carefully keeping their incomes under the level that trips confiscatory taxation.

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