Monday, August 31, 2009

I went to the garden party (I Cor. 10)

As I drove from a father/son camp out with my 10 year old son, we discussed the social dynamics of the drug trade. Don't expect pushers to be unshaven old guys hanging playgrounds, I explained to him. If you are offered an illegal drug, it will be a trusted friend, who thinks he'd doing you a favor.

"Yes!" Greg replied. "It's like when an unbeliever invites you to a party, then tells you that the meat was offered to idols!"

That's my boy! He got the point, and used scripture to extend it. And here's the verse:
1Co 10:27 İman etmemiş biri sizi yemeğe çağırır, siz de gitmek isterseniz, önünüze konulan her şeyi vicdan sorunu yapmadan, sorgusuz sualsiz yiyin.
1Co 10:28 Ama biri size, "Bu kurban etidir" derse, hem bunu söyleyen için, hem de vicdan huzuru için yemeyin.
And, a few words:
  • İman -- faith, belief
  • etmemiş -- not doing
  • biri -- one
  • sizi -- you
  • yemeğe -- to eat
  • çağırır -- calls, invites
  • siz de -- and you
  • gitmek -- to go
  • isterseniz -- you should want ...
The Amish have the notion that leading a pure, chaste, and holy Christian life requires them to withdraw completely from the world.[1] In this little case study, however, we see normal social interactions going on between believers and unbelievers. You friend invites you to a party. So go!

Just be alert! The world needs more lerts!


[1] OK, so our family enjoys Weird Al Yankovic. You may also enjoy this satirical Amish Paradise video.

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