Monday, August 31, 2009

I only read it for the articles (I Cor. 8)

As you roamed the streets of Corinth in Paul's day, from time to time the fragrance of sizzling meat would entice your nostrils. You would follow your nose, and find fresh barbecue, at a subsidized price. Pagan worshipers would offer up various beasts to their pet deities. The temple would then sell the meat to all comers. Hey, "The earth is the LORD'S, and the fullness thereof!" All good things come from God -- and that steak looks great! But ...
1Co 8:8 Yiyecek bizi Tanrı'ya yaklaştırmaz. Yemezsek bir kaybımız olmaz, yersek de bir kazancımız olmaz.
1Co 8:9 Yalnız dikkat edin, bu özgürlüğünüz vicdanı zayıf olanların sürçmesine neden olmasın.
1Co 8:10 Eğer zayıf vicdanlı biri, bilgili olan seni bir put tapınağında sofraya oturmuş görürse, puta sunulan kurbanın etini yemek için cesaret almaz mı?
Suppose a neighbor who is considering the gospel sees you chowing down at the idol's table? In that case, "this your freedom" (bu özgürlüğünüz) sends the wrong message. Hey, maybe there ARE multiple channels to transcendence!

I would rather have dandruff than use a certain efficacious cure I read about many years ago. The cure was recommended by Edgar Cayce, a demoniac of frightening powers who led many unsuspecting souls to perdition. An itchy scalp is preferable to doing anything in any way to that tool of my ultimate enemy, Satan.

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