Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I've got a secret ! (I Cor. 2)

By the way -- "herding cats" is an American idiom for managing a group of difficult people.

Let's talk about the "Nine-dot syndrome." You've probably seen it in psychology textbooks. Draw four straight lines that connect nine dots:
* * *
* * *
* * *
It can be done, but only if you extend the lines beyond the confines of the box. "Think outside the box." Shift your perspective, have a paradigm shift. Now, let's consider the ultimate paradigm shift. Suppose you could see your situation from God's point of view?
1Co 2:9 Yazılmış olduğu gibi, "Tanrı'nın kendisini sevenler için hazırladıklarını Hiçbir göz görmedi, Hiçbir kulak duymadı, Hiçbir insan yüreği kavramadı."
1Co 2:10 Oysa Tanrı Ruh aracılığıyla bunları bize açıkladı. Çünkü Ruh her şeyi, Tanrı'nın derin düşüncelerini bile araştırır.
1Co 2:11 İnsanın düşüncelerini, insanın içindeki ruhundan başka kim bilebilir? Bunun gibi, Tanrı'nın düşüncelerini de Tanrı'nın Ruhu'ndan başkası bilemez.
1Co 2:12 Tanrı'nın bize lütfettiklerini bilelim diye, bu dünyanın ruhunu değil, Tanrı'dan gelen Ruh'u aldık.
First of all, you can expect to be surprised, time after time. Written was just as, those things which God has prepared for those who love Him, nobody's eyes have never seen, nobody's ears have never heard, nobody's human understanding has ever grasped.

But God's Spirit has opened them up to us.

We know what to expect, ultimately, because God has made know to us His good character. On the other hand, we do not know exactly how God will reveal His answers to our prayers, since He is God and we are not. The Creator of the universe is not a cin who does our bidding. Prayer is not a matter of placing orders with the Almighty, since we're supposed to be taking orders from Him, not giving them. However, when we do pray (dua etmek), we tell God about the things we need to have to complete our assignments. Then, we expect delightful surprises.

Every day can be Christmas.

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