Sunday, November 15, 2009

God likes good government ( I Timothy 2 )

"You know, there's something to be said about living in a police state," I said to myself one sweet summer midnight, as I strolled through downtown Kiev, feeling completely safe.

People in Franco's Spain could say whatever they liked about him -- but you could leave a $5 bill on the seat of a convertible on the streets of Madrid -- and no one would touch it.

People in South Africa today -- people of all shades -- recall the apartheid era with wistful nostalgia. "Before God, sir, we intended no malice," the Afrikaaner explained to me on the plane back from Kiev. Apartheid was an attempt to maintain the peace between a dozen or more tribes, only a few generations out of the stone age. Today, abortion and sodomy are legal -- and South Africa leads most of the world in per-capita rape and murder rates. Ain't progress wonderful?

What did Paul have to say about the imperial Roman empire and its sovereign, Caesar Nero?
1Ti 2:1, 2 Her şeyden önce şunu öğütlerim: Tanrı yoluna tam bir bağlılık ve ağırbaşlılık içinde sakin ve huzurlu bir yaşam sürelim diye, krallarla bütün üst yöneticiler dahil, bütün insanlar için dilekler, dualar, yakarışlar ve şükürler sunulsun.
1Ti 2:3 Böyle yapmak iyidir ve Kurtarıcımız Tanrı'yı hoşnut eder.
1Ti 2:4 O bütün insanların kurtulup gerçeğin bilincine erişmesini ister.
During times of peace, we have leisure to talk with our neighbors about the things that matter most to us. During times of strife, turmoil, and hostility, conversations die out. As Americans, we need to pray for the end of political correctness, and reclaim our liberty to speak freely.

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