Thursday, November 19, 2009

Left brain, right brain ( I Tim. 4 )

During the American war of independence, an engineer named Bushnell invented a submarine he called the Turtle. It was made of wood, and shaped rather like a barrel. The inventor climbed into it, closed the lid and began turning a crank that span a propellor that moved the ungainly craft slowly towards its target. 

Creative writing has been described as performing a right-brain activity (visual, spatial, 3-D) through left-brain means (verbal, linear). For me, a good and productive day is more like one wherein I can get "inside" the project, and start cranking away. 

The muse is mysterious. Folks on speaking terms with it tend to be incredibly productive. But getting into the flow is the problem. It is entirely too easy to drift around the outside of one's calling, one's area of giftedness, and not get anything done. My screen saver is a three-word phrase, ... armağanı ihmal etme. Armak = gift. ihmal = neglect. etme = do not. Let's look at the larger context:

    1Ti 4:13 Ben yanına gelinceye dek kendini topluluğa Kutsal Yazılar'ı okumaya, öğüt vermeye, öğretmeye ada. 
    1Ti 4:14 Peygamberlik sözüyle, ihtiyarlar kurulunun ellerini senin üzerine koymasıyla sana verilen ve hâlâ sende olan ruhsal armağanı ihmal etme. 
Timothy, it appears, was a gifted speaker who was prone to stage fright. Paul reminded him of all that had gone into making him the man he was, and told him, "Don't let it go to waste."

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