Sunday, November 15, 2009

Of kings and castles ( I Timothy 3 )

Mormonism has been called "the American Islam." This strange cult, which is especially strong in the state of Utah, boasts a post-Christian prophet and another book. The early Mormons also believed that polygamy was necessary for salvation. They discovered for themselves the observation made by anthropologists in Africa -- the men found themselves outnumbered all too often, as the wives made common cause. The Mormons had a wry comment on that condition -- "That man isn't king in his own castle!"

The family is the truest nursery for leadership in the larger community.
1Ti 3:1 İşte güvenilir söz: Bir kimse gözetmen olmayı gönülden istiyorsa, iyi bir görev arzu etmiş olur.
1Ti 3:4 Evini iyi yönetmeli, çocuklarına söz dinletmeli, her yönden saygılı olmalarını sağlamalı.
1Ti 3:5 Kendi evini yönetmesini bilmeyen, Tanrı'nın topluluğunu nasıl kayırabilir?
If it doesn't work at home, our gospel isn't worth exporting. (This is also, BTW, the motivation of many home schooling families.)

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