Monday, February 22, 2010

Mark 3 -- conflicting opinions

In this chapter, Jesus continues to heal and preach. Crowds thronged around him, or maybe I should say throngs crowded around him, attracted by his lively discourse and the spectacle of healings and exorcisms. He is starting to attract hostile attention as well. Opinion about him is divided.
Mar 3:21 Yakınları bunu duyunca, "Aklını kaçırmış" diyerek O'nu almaya geldiler.
For example, some sought to draw near to him out of sincere concern, fearing that Jesus had lost his mind. Or, as the colorful Turkish expression has it, "Aklını kaçırmış." His mind, wits, intelligence / have fled.

Others read the worst possible explanations into his motives:
Mar 3:22 Yeruşalim'den gelen din bilginleri ise, "Baalzevul O'nun içine girmiş" ve "Cinleri, cinlerin önderinin gücüyle kovuyor" diyorlardı.
Mar 3:30 İsa bu sözleri, "O'nda kötü ruh var" dedikleri için söyledi.
"Obviously," the current religious leaders said, "this upstart must be in league with the devil. After all, he's not one of us, and we are God's official representatives on earth!"

His family shows up, apparently worried:
Mar 3:32 İsa'nın çevresinde oturan kalabalıktan bazıları, "Bak" dediler, "Annenle kardeşlerin dışarıda, seni istiyorlar."
"Look," they said, "With mother / your brothers / outside (are), / you / they seek."

And Jesus just goes on teaching. The opinions of others do not deflect him from his purposes. As the elegant old Turkish proverb has it,
İt ürür, kervan yürür.
The dogs bark, the caravan moves along.

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