Sunday, March 13, 2011

Better than life (Psalm 63)

Psalm 63 has long been one of my favorites. Here, David sings of his passion for God, his delight in God's presence, his desire to spend time in worship. One sentence, vs. 3, is a useful example of how Turkish does comparisons:
3 Senin sevgin yaşamdan iyidir, Bu yüzden dudaklarım seni yüceltir.
  • Senin -- Yours (2nd person singular)
  • sevgin -- your love
  • yaşamdan -- than life (-dan is the "from" suffix)
  • iyidir -- it is good,
  • Bu -- This
  • yüzden -- from, because of / reason (-den is the "from" suffix)
  • dudaklarım -- my lips
  • seni -- to you
  • yüceltir -- praised.
What is worth more to us than our own lives?

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