Sunday, March 6, 2011

The world is run by tired people (Prov. 6)

Let's look at what Proverbs has to tell us about work and sleep. First, an object lesson about work:
Pro 6:6 Ey tembel kişi, git, karıncalara bak, Onların yaşamından bilgelik öğren.
Pro 6:7 Başkanları, önderleri ya da yöneticileri olmadığı halde,
Pro 6:8 Yazın erzaklarını biriktirirler, Yiyeceklerini toplarlar biçim mevsiminde.
Ants stay busy in summer, when resources are easy to come by, and are ready for hard times. The human temptation is to subsistence -- do just enough to get by during the good times, and truly feel the pinch during bad. In cultures ruled by envy, such as many African tribes, people are afraid of working too hard. Afraid of their neighbor's envy. If a man's crop is doing well, he'll sneak into his field and destroy much of it at night, lest his neighbors accuse him of, and lynch him for, witchcraft. After all, the egalitarian says, it "isn't fair" for one person to have more than another. If a tribe barely stays afloat when times are good, starvation is around the corner.

Now, the opposite of work, sleep:
Pro 6:9 Ne zamana dek yatacaksın, ey tembel kişi? Ne zaman kalkacaksın uykundan?
Pro 6:10 "Biraz kestireyim, biraz uyuklayayım, Ellerimi kavuşturup şöyle bir uyuyayım" demeye kalmadan,
Pro 6:11 Yokluk bir haydut gibi, Yoksulluk bir akıncı gibi gelir üzerine.
Productive people have disciplined sleep patterns. Winston Churchill may have had a brief nap every afternoon, but he also staying up until the wee hours of the morning working night after night.

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