Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Speaking of birds ... (Psalm 11)

If you lack wisdom, spend some time in the "wisdom literature" of the Bible, especially Psalms and Proverbs. During eras of the spiritual vigor, people of faith have, traditionally, chanted their way through the Psalms once a month. The Book of Common Prayer has a psalter that is based upon the Bible that King James hated, the Geneva Bible. And, there are 31 chapters in proverbs. A man who needed more common sense would do well to read through that book once a month.

Today, I was reading and enjoying Psalm 11:
Psa 11:1 Ben RAB'be sığınırım, Nasıl dersiniz bana, "Kuş gibi kaç dağlara.
Psa 11:2 Bak, kötüler yaylarını geriyor, Temiz yürekli insanları Karanlıkta vurmak için Oklarını kirişine koyuyor.
Psa 11:3 Temeller yıkılırsa, Ne yapabilir doğru insan?"
Psa 11:4 RAB kutsal tapınağındadır, O'nun tahtı göklerdedir, Bütün insanları görür, Herkesi sınar.
Psa 11:5 RAB doğru insanı sınar, Kötüden, zorbalığı sevenden tiksinir.
Psa 11:6 Kötülerin üzerine kızgın korlar ve kükürt yağdıracak, Paylarına düşen kâse kavurucu rüzgar olacak.
Psa 11:7 Çünkü RAB doğrudur, doğruları sever; Dürüst insanlar O'nun yüzünü görecek.
Let's look at the first verse:
Psa 11:1 Ben RAB'be sığınırım, Nasıl dersiniz bana, "Kuş gibi kaç dağlara.
I / to the Lord / ( fall back upon a thing. take refuge in. take shelter in. refuge. harbor. harbour. nestle. defect. take sanctuary. take to. turn to. ) / How / do you instruct, advise / (to) me / "Bird / like / flee / to the mountains.

"Fugue" is a kind of music wherein one theme chases itself. A "fugue state" is a psychological aberration characterized by a flight from an unpleasant reality. It's not unusual for people in stressful situations to "escape" by way of drug, food, or alcohol abuse. Or, by simply daydreaming, and pretending that things are not so bad after all, since an unknown rich uncle might die today, and leave me as his sole heir.

The message of this psalm, however, is that we have invisible means of support, a God who loves us, cares for us, protects our interests, and can be trusted to set things right.

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